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SquadLead Tasks Community Edition is a PostGreSQL based Task Management software for teams, with wonderful time and resource allocation abilities.

Unlinke Gannt charting and dependency abilities, SquadLead gives a flexibility to create ad-hoc tasks with no dependencies and hence suits many different kind of projects in a versatile way. If you take care of dependencies, it takes care of helping you with identifying allocation loads, reports and graphs.


  1. Task Management and reminder by email facility
  2. Resource allocated Load graph
  3. Canned reporting and printing facilities
  4. User query based reports
  5. Primitive Meeting management
  6. Primitive Document manager
  7. Quick notes function for collaboration of information with team
  8. Multi project and Multi user facility




System Requirements:

  1. .NET Framework 4.0
  2. PostGreSQL Server 9.1.1 (With the admin user handy)
  3. If you want to build the source, build the libraries first
  4. Get the ZedGraph, and SilverToolbox.dll ,NpgSQL  from the following links

Silver Toolbox



Installation Procedure

  1. Create a folder to store SquadLead data on the POSTGRESQL server System (For example C:\SquadLeadData)
  2. Create two folders inside it, (TS, IX) for index and Tablespace requirements
  3. Give <postgres admin> user (The PGSQL user account ) write permission on these folders.
  4. Using PGAdmin interface, (or ask PGAdministrator)  Create two tablespaces with the following commands

    CREATE TABLESPACE "SL_Data" OWNER <postgres admin> LOCATION E'C:\\SquadLeadData\\TS';
    CREATE TABLESPACE "SL_Index" OWNER <postgres admin>LOCATION E'C:\\SquadLeadData\\IX';
  5. Run SquadLead.exe after installation, and enter the <postgres admin>/<postgres admin pw>, click the Arrow down, enter the host IP address of PostGres server and check "Is PGadmin" and run "Setup Database". If everything goes well, you should get "Successful", otherwise, fix what is needed, "Clean up database" and rerun "Setup Database"
  6. Login as sladmin/sladmin123 and change the passwords for both sladmin and sluser(Critical)
  7. Setup some users
  8. Add a project and add the users existing (Ensure that you checked "Is open"
  9. All the project resources will have default username with password as Username/Username123 ...
  10. Read the help document for more details!

SquadLead Full Edition

Remarkably, Tasks Edition is the most demanded part of SquadLead by both Project managers and Teamleads for managing the effort and time. However the extension of SquadLead is a Licensed full edition comprising Bug Management, Requirement and Testcase management. The project is available on (Currently being upgraded for .NET Framework 4.0)

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